As a leading escrow company, Inspire Escrow Services offers clients a range of effective services including residential, commercial, and refinancing escrow. Another common escrow service that we provide pertains to short sale transactions. These are situations in which homeowners at risk of being foreclosed on seek to sell their properties for values below the amounts owed on the mortgages. Experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience from start to finish, the escrow officers at Inspire provide the best short sale escrow services in La Verne, California.

Short sale deals can be a worthwhile option for homeowners that find themselves unable to afford their mortgage payments. Rather than going through the harmful process of foreclosure, these homeowners instead put the houses on the real estate market, but for less than the existing mortgage obligations. For those considering La Verne short sale escrow, it is important to note that these particular transactions cannot take place without the express consent of the lending institution.

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Another critical thing to keep in mind is that with short sales, it is the mortgage lender rather than the seller that receives the transaction funds. The lender also has the ability to choose whether to forgive any debt amount that remains, or hold the seller financially responsible. While short sales may not seem to offer much benefit to struggling homeowners, they do ultimately enable them to resolve their current predicament with less of a negative impact on credit ratings than would be the case with foreclosure. As there is a lot involved with this particular type of real estate deal, there is much to be gained by working with a top short sale escrow company in La Verne like ours.

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Many clients select our company to help with their transactions because our La Verne short sale escrow officers are incredibly skilled and have a clear and comprehensive understanding of everything that the short sale escrow process entails. It is our goal to help clients get through this process efficiently, and with the least amount of stress and frustration possible. Fully recognizing the sensitive nature of short sales as well as the extensive amount of work involved with them, we always strive to help ensure that the escrow process proceeds smoothly and within the established timeframe.

As escrow professionals, it is our responsibility to carefully manage all elements of short sale escrow. In a general sense, our short sale escrow agents in La Verne serve as impartial guides that keep things on track while making sure that all involved parties take care of their specific responsibilities correctly and on time. We also keep track of all pertinent documents, and hold the transaction funds until all terms of the agreement have been successfully completed.

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At Inspire Escrow Services, we are committed to providing clients with unmatched service and a straightforward, hassle-free experience. Our escrow agents take great pride in the work they do, and we are fully confident that we can meet your needs while exceeding your expectations. If you’d like to learn more about our short sale escrow services in La Verne, please do not hesitate to contact us online or by phone at (909) 698-4805. We look forward to assisting you.