Safe and Efficient Escrow Services / Inspire Escrow

Our professional and experience team will work with you to provide the most convenient and safe options for your Escrow needs.

1031 Exchanges

This escrow transaction is different, considering that it is treated as an exchanged sale rather than a regular one. We will educate you that it’s about exchanging, and not just buying or selling that will qualify you for the deferred gain treatment, We are equipped with adequate knowledge in answering your inquiries and willing to educate you regarding the process.

Business Sales

A business sale is a lot different from a traditional property sale. In handling these kind of transactions, Inspire Escrow will assign you with escrow officers that are highly experienced in Bulk Sales. They are also proficient in all types of business sales, including Laundromats, dry cleaners, and gas stations.

Commercial / Industrial

Inspire Escrow’s officers have years of related experience. This allows us to provide the highest standard of customer service, help meet deadlines, and anticipate problems that you may encounter when closing a deal. Inspire Escrow’s officers are highly recommended to manage commercial and industrial real estate escrow including: apartments, hotels, industrial buildings, land acquisitions, office buildings, retail properties, shopping centers, and strip malls.


It can be challenging to sell or buy a condo because of its multi-party ownership. Inspire Escrow Services will assist you in concluding the condominium transaction, which is a primary area of expertise for us. Our escrow officers will ensure that no involved party does something that would keep the deal from completion.

For Sale By Owner

Our For Sale By Owner (FSBO) escrow service is an ideal choice for those seeking to sell their properties without using real estate agents. While avoiding commissions and associated fees can help boost net transaction revenue, the FSBO process can be lengthy and require a substantial investment of time and effort. The escrow offers at Inspire are dedicated to assisting from start to finish.


Refinancing escrow is a process involving the clearing of a current mortgage to enable the acquisition of a loan that offers a reduced interest rate with more favorable repayment conditions. Inspire’s escrow officers help make this process efficient and hassle-free so that clients end up with a fantastic deal. Our team will facilitate the completion of required paperwork and handle any conceivable technicalities that may arise.

REOs (Bank Owned)

Real Estate Owned (REO) Escrow involves purchasing foreclosed property from a bank or other lending institution. Such transactions can often be complex and necessitate precise planning to be successful. Skilled in handling REOs, Inspire will make certain that each aspect is taken care of as it should be to avoid any unnecessary complications.


Working with Inspire Escrow can be one of your best decisions with regards to purchases. For each residential transaction, our company provides you with a dedicated team of escrow professionals. They are trained and experienced in all types of residential sales, making our escrow team ideal for individual sale.

Short Sale

Short sales are time sensitive transactions. Our experienced and professional team will guide you on each process, as well as assuring banks and homeowners to feel safe and secured that the escrow will close on the specific time given.