If you have ever sold a house before, you know that residential real estate transactions can sometimes feel a bit complex and overwhelming. There is often a lot of money involved, as well as many moving pieces that must be carefully managed to push the process along toward its desired conclusion. With these and similar deals, using the services of an experienced escrow company like Inspire Escrow Services can help ensure that things run smoothly throughout. Wondering how escrow works when selling your home in Walnut, California? Our team is happy to provide some guidance to assist you.

As soon as you accept an offer on your home and begin the journey toward closing, the initial step in the process is to work with your escrow officer to establish the specific terms of the agreement. This first step is absolutely critical to get right, as you and the buyer will need to strictly adhere to these conditions for the sale to go through. Once all parties are in agreement on the terms, it is then the responsibility of the buyer to place the set amount of money into the escrow account itself. Specifically, this amount consists of the total value of the home sale along with any supplemental fees involved.

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Understanding the Home Escrow Process

After the purchasing party transfers the funds to the escrow account, they are then responsible for submitting all forms and other required documents to the escrow company. It is the responsibility of your Walnut escrow agent to carefully evaluate all information provided to make certain that everything is complete, in order, and in full accordance with the terms of the agreement. At that point, your next step as the seller is to furnish a property deed that specifies the buyer as the rightful owner of the house. Escrow companies like ours draw up these deeds, going over each detail meticulously so that there is nothing included or omitted that runs afoul of state and federal regulations.

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Closing Escrow for Your Walnut Home

With the process moving toward its conclusion, you as the seller will then need to submit any additional documents needed to finalize the deal as determined by the escrow company. Just as it is vital for the buyer to submit all of their required paperwork, you must also be diligent in completing all forms completely and accurately and getting them in on time. As long as all of the agreement terms have been properly satisfied according to schedule, the deal will officially close with the buyer formally recognized as the new owner. If everything goes according to plan from beginning to end, the entire escrow process should take about 30 days in total. However, it is important to keep in mind that escrow can be prolonged if certain problems arise and conditions fail to be met properly.

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As someone looking to sell your home, working with a skilled and reliable Walnut escrow company can have a substantial positive impact on your overall experience. At Inspire Escrow Services, we have an incredible team of escrow professionals with an in-depth understanding of how the process should be done. We’ve had the opportunity to work with many local sellers and their real estate agents over the years, and pride ourselves on being efficient yet thorough. If you’re interested in learning more about our services and the ways in which we make escrow work properly when selling a home in Walnut, we’d welcome the chance to speak with you. Please contact us online or call (909) 698-4805.