There are distinct types of escrow involved depending on what kind of property is being transferred in the transaction. Whereas residential escrow pertains to transactions that involve property strictly designated as residential in type and function, commercial escrow is for non-residential properties such as office buildings, retail properties, and the like. Worth noting is the fact that commercial real estate escrow usually requires more time and effort to successfully manage than home escrow does.

With so many moving pieces and requirements involved throughout, it is important to work with skilled and experienced escrow officers like those here at Inspire Escrow Services that know how to get the job done right. Offering unmatched customer service and effective-yet-affordable escrow services, Inspire has become a leading commercial escrow company in Covina, California and across the Inland Empire.

The beginning stages of the process are where the two parties (buyer and seller) and their representatives define the specific terms of the commercial escrow agreement which both are obligated to adhere to. This is an absolutely critical phase as it sets the groundwork for everything that must be completed and accomplished before the transaction can be concluded. As professional escrow agents, we are here to make certain that the transactional funds are kept inaccessible by buyer or seller until the time at which all requirements of the aforementioned escrow agreement have been fully satisfied.

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Our commercial escrow services in Covina also entail making sure that everyone involved in the transaction is supplied with all relevant forms for completion as well as clear information on each component of the overall agreement. As it is our goal to have the process run as smoothly as possible, we also endeavor to pinpoint and resolve any potential issues that may arise to jeopardize the successful closing of escrow. Each party should be confident in their actions and feel comfortable with all that is transpiring.

As commercial escrow can be quite intricate in nature and overwhelming for the uninitiated, we strongly recommend that the deal itself take place not with individual parties, but between legally-recognized bodies that operate on their behalf. The entity working for the seller and the entity working for the buyer must both put forth someone that can be confirmed as having authority to sign the official documents. For the protection of all, no funds can be removed from the escrow account until these verified individuals are in place.

At the tail end of the commercial real estate escrow, each party to the transaction must expressly accept final closing documents. These include, but are not limited to, any relevant deeds, zoning assurances, environmental impact assessments, and property titles that can affect the property now or in the future. As soon as these closing documents, including any proposed modifications, are agreed upon, the signing authorities verify that the funds should be dispersed, and the transaction reaches its completion.

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Many clients count on us to be their Covina commercial escrow company because our professional officers have extensive industry experience and know what’s involved in getting all aspects of the escrow agreement handled swiftly and appropriately. Our communication is clear and consistent, and we pay close attention to detail to make certain that nothing falls through the cracks at any point along the way. We are here to make your experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible, and are extremely confident in our ability to do so. If you’re in need of commercial escrow services in Covina or a surrounding area, please do not hesitate to contact us call our office at (909) 698-4805.